Honor Code Vote Results

1 05 2009

Dear students,

The honor code recommendations were included on the SGA presidential election online ballots for students to vote on. These recommendations were endorsed by the Honor Code Review Committee, the Student Government Association, the Faculty Council, and the Community Council. According to the constitution: in order for the recommendations to pass, two thirds of the student body needs to participate in the voting, and two thirds of those need to approve the recommendations.

Voting started at 2:00 pm on Thursday, April 16th and ended at 5:00 pm on Friday, May 1st. All recommendations have passed. Below is the breakdown of these votes.

Total number of students registered on campus and studying abroad:                 2643

Number of votes needed (two-thirds the total number of students):                      1762

Number of student voters:                     1854

Article I:

Yes:                 1484

No:                   122

Abstaining:       248

Percentage [yes / (yes + no)]:    92.4%

Article II:

Yes:                 1328

No:                   306

Abstaining:       221

Percentage [yes / (yes + no)]:    81.2%

Article III:

Yes:                 1382

No:                   157

Abstaining:       317

Percentage [yes / (yes + no)]:    89.8%

Thank you for voting and special thanks to everyone who has helped in the process.

Hiba Fakhoury

President of the SGA


Election Results

17 04 2009

First: VOTING IS NOT OVER. The honor code proposal needs at least 2/3’s of the student body to vote to approve it.If you haven’t voted in the SGA/Community Council Election you are still able to vote for the honor code. Please do so on go/sgavote.

Second: Because no president candidate received a 50% majority, there will be a run-off election at noon next Thursday April 23rd to noon Friday, April 24th between the top two candidate’s, Vrutika Mody and Michael Panzer.

Third: Molly Dwyer is the new Student Co-Chair for Community Council. Congratulations to Molly.


SGA President:
Vrutika Mody             356   (Run-off)
Michael Panzer            278  (Run-off)
Pathik Root               199
Nicholas Alexander      133
Andrew Deloach  177
Nicholas Sohl           88

Community Council:
Molly Dwyer             466   (Winner)
Ethan Schmertzler       170
Shen Yoong              161

IDC News: Socio-economic Lecture

2 04 2009

On Saturday, April 18th, 2009 IDC is bringing Rachel Rybaczuk to address the community on matters regarding socio-economic diversity.  She is currently a professor at UMass Amherst, teaching a class on socioeconomics in higher education. As a graduate student (also at UMass) she was a part of the Roosevelt Institute. Her personal experience of coming from a low income background, struck her particularly as an undergraduate student, and is part of what drew her to this issue; along with later experience in admissions, which gives her a particularly intimate knowledge of the intersection between class and campus dynamics.  Rachel is also a well published author on the subject.  Hope to see you all on April 18th, in McCullough!

IDC News: Africana Studies Panel

2 04 2009

We are working to organize a panel with students and professors who are affliated with the African Studies Program in order to obtain information about our current program (i.e. the courses, its structure etc.) while also seeing what it lacks (i.e. not enough courses etc.)  This panel, we hope, will occur before the end of the year.  This is just another step in our attempts to gather information and be fully prepared when we actually start presenting the major to the College.

~Family Gallery~

18 03 2009

Family Gallery! Facebook Group

please send us your family portraits!! (again, family is whoever has been a constant and major influence in your life)  We are trying to get as many pictures as possible so please please send us your pictures. 

Send to:  jmrodrig@middlebury.edu by April 10th!


-Institutional Diversity Committee (IDC)

Chahar Shanbeh Soori-Persian New Year=Success!!

18 03 2009

The Persian New Year’s celebration, aka Chahar Shanbeh Soori was an amazing event.  Thank you to Yassmin Mohamedi for all her hard work!  Not only is this a ritual that many people are unaware of, but also it is so fun!  So again Yassmin, thank you for organizing this.  Happy New Year!  -Institutional Diversity Committee (IDC)


15 03 2009

It’s time to start getting paid for thinking!

As you all know, the economic crisis has affected our financial situation significantly and we need your help in dealing with it. So, the SGA is holding a CRISIS CONTEST; we need your input and we will pay you for it.

To participate: Send an email to sga@middlebury.edu with a brilliant and original idea of yours that you think will reduce cost in any of the following categories, there are no limits as to how many ideas you can send, but please specifiy the category when you email us:

  • Residential Life
  • The Commons
  • Dining
  • Library Services
  • Affiliates of Middlebury College (Schools abroad, the Monterey Institute, Language school, etc.)
  • Auxiliary Operations (The Grille, Midd Express, Golf Course, Wilson Café, etc.)
  • Student Organizations
  • A Revenue Generating Idea in Any Category
  • Other

Rules: All ideas must abide by the college’s priorities in dealing with this crisis (i.e. you can’t eliminate faculty/staff jobs, financial aid, etc.). Please refer to President Liebowitz’s notes for more information and updates:


Deadline: This Friday, March 20th 2009

Prizes: There will be two cash prizes in each category. The first prize is $150 and the second is $50.

Results will be announced shortly after spring break.